New reel

I just rendered and posted the final version of a new compilation reel of work. It’s been about two years since I put out my last one. I had been so busy between projects, work and a new addition to our family that arrived in late 2017, I decided to put the brakes on producing one last year.

Fortunately, I was able to make some time to pull content this past week and edit everything together. Mostly new and/or recent work is featured, with a small number of previous reel clips thrown in for overlap as usual.

I’m always posting new projects and work in progress shots on Instagram, so be sure to give me a follow. If you already follow me, you know I always have a camera in hand everywhere I go — especially with my girls. (In this case it was a drone), so they have a quick cameo in the reel as well. Don’t blink & enjoy!

For this and other comps, visit my REEL page and/or Vimeo.