NSO Tulsa Tee

Here's an apparel logo design I created for a recent new store opening in Tulsa. The location opened this month and despite the single-digit temps, the people of Tulsa flocked to the grand opening party last week. The logo incorporates a play on the classic Route 66 sign.


Happy Holidays!

It’s been a great 2017! The year has flown by. I haven't had much time to post here in recent months, so here's an end of year recap...

This summer, I decided to join forces with a popular casual dining brand as their Creative Manager. I’ll just say the mascot is a devil with a pitchfork, and their tacos are “Damn Good”. If you’re from Austin (or TX, OK CO), you’ll know who I’m talking about. The company is expanding rapidly and will be in a number of new markets soon. Our team is working on some really cool creative projects for 2018. 

The position has kept me super busy, but I also managed to work with a number of sports team clients and their sponsors this past football and basketball season. I always enjoy a new challenge and meeting new partners who need help with their creative. New logos, animation, video and ribbons produced this year will be coming soon in a new reel.

The biggest news of the year though is the new addition to our family. Our daughter, Eliza, was born in November and is doing great. Sophie is a very proud big sister. She was hoping for a baby girl and got her wish. We’re still not getting a lot of sleep, but it’s definitely worth it. :)

I hope you and your family have a great holiday season. Hoping 2018 will be even better. For all my Creative South friends, I hope to see you in Columbus in April. #hugnecks

Happy Holidays,


Another fall season, another league title

To cap of their 32nd season, the Disch-Falkers won their fifth league championship last month in dramatic fashion. The Falkers have now won a fall season title in each of the last three years. I designed the team’s championship gear that’s up for sale on Threadless. Part of each sale comes back to help benefit the club. Grab some today! http://dfers.threadless.com/