Let’s work together!

Branding, graphics, animation, LED/videoboard, social media. Whatever your creative need is for sponsor or campaign-specific creative, we’ve got you covered. Nearly all of SP’s work comes by way of referrals. We’ve worked with over 200 brands, teams and venues across North America over the past 10+ years and look forward to working with you this season! 

What to expect:

· Consistent quality & high-level of work
· Ability to turnaround work quickly & efficiently
· Up-front pricing & expectations
· Easy to work with & customer service driven
· One-on-one project consultation /management
· Quick response time & customer care

Creative production:

· Logo & brand identity
· Concept & campaign creative
· Motion graphics / animation (3D & 2D)
· Video & green screen production
· Front-end web & social media design
· Digital & social media design
· Fan experience / game ops consulting

Projects created for 200+ brands, teams & companies